Four Ideas for a Wedding Reception Catering on a Budget

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Are you stressed about your wedding expenses? Indian weddings are undoubtedly expensive, but you can save money in certain ways if you’re tight on budget. People generally book the venue first after establishing their wedding budget. Next comes the decor and entertainment part. The last thing that they think of is food and drinks. But you can’t also compromise on that as you must serve your guests with the best food. And thankfully, you don’t need to empty your bank for this. Hiring a reliable company for food catering for events in Kolkata can help you with the best solution. Let’s dive deeper into the subject below in this blog.

Tips to Organize a Budgeted Reception Catering

  • Serve Bite-Sized Appetizers

It’s no surprise that a lot of food gets into dustbins at weddings. Almost all the guests want to try every dish at a wedding, and they end up wasting food eventually. Serving them with bite-sized appetizers will not only reduce food wastage but also trim down your catering cost.

  • Keep Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits Only

This may sound strange to you, but you can consider that if you wish to host a reception party within your budget. You can ask your caterer to suggest dishes that can be prepared using seasonal vegetables. Seasonal fruits will also help you save money, as exotic fruits will be incredibly expensive.

  • Limited Number of Dishes

As Indians, we have a habit of keeping hundreds of items on the menu. And, obviously, it; ‘s not even possible to try all the dishes at a reception or wedding. We aren’t saying you should not serve your guests with varieties but keep it limited.

  • Cut off on Alcohol

Alcohol costs a lot, and this eventually increases the necessity of appetizers as well. We suggest not including drinks in your wedding reception menu if you want to host it within your budget.

Speak to Your Caterer

Find a reliable and friendly caterer who can understand your requirements. They will help you curate the affordable wedding reception menu in the best possible manner. Most caterers have different packages depending on the budget. You must also understand what’s covered in your package to avoid last-minute confusion.

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