Top 4 Things to Help You Take the Best Wedding Catering Decisions

Wedding catering services

When a wedding is fixed, one of the most difficult tasks is to hire a caterer; it takes so much time to choose the best one. There are several factors you should check in a caterer to ensure their best services. From the variety of foods to their hospitality staff, everything plays an equally important role in hiring the best caterer in central Kolkata. Here are a few aspects that can help you take adequate decisions for your wedding.

What to Look Into a Caterer while Considering them to Hire

  1. Set Up a Budget: Before discussing the food menu with any caterer, you should establish a budget to make a better decision. This budget will definitely also depend upon the number of guests you have and the food menu you choose. Let the caterer know your budget and requirements to provide you with the best services.
  2. License: Checking the relevant licenses of the caterer is essential before signing an agreement with them. They must adhere to health authorities’ compliances and possess an FSSAI food license from the Food Safety Standard Authority of India, a Shops and Establishment License to confirm the place caterer operates from, and a Liquor License from the state excise department to serve drinks legally.
  3. Chefs: For any caterer, chefs are the most important part of their team as they help add variations to their menu to serve clients various trendy and exotic food options. The specialized team of chefs works with the caterer to bring unique flavours from several cuisines like Oriental, Japanese, Italian, Indian, and so on. Check their team to ensure everything goes perfectly in your wedding.
  4. Check their Experience and Competency: An inexperienced caterer may ruin your wedding, which none of us wants. Ask them about their previous work handling weddings. You can also check their social media platforms to get an overview of what their work looks like and also check their website to check reviews. A good caterer will not just ensure good food but also provide you with well-presented food and tables and also pay attention to minute details.

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