What are the Latest Trends Followed by Top Caterers in Kolkata?

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If you are arranging a party or a ceremony, it remains incomplete without food. However, cooking a large amount of food on your own is practically impossible. As a solution, you can take help from a catering service near you.

Why Call a Catering Service?

A catering service is a professional source where the dedicated staff cook different types of food to serve at an occasion. Hiring a catering service can help you save a lot of human resources costs. The top caterers in Kolkata can also cook different delicacies according to the current trends.

The Latest Trends of Catering Followed by Top Caterers:

Along with cooking, the best catering services in Kolkata also follow the latest trends in presentation. This blog provides a detailed discussion of the latest catering trends.

  • Dedicated Beverage Counter: Earlier, the drinks counter used to be divided into two parts. One served regular drinks, while the other was dedicated to alcoholic beverages. However, the trend has changed significantly in recent times. You can see a dedicated stall serving all kinds of drinks at events like weddings. There has been popularity of cocktails to cater to the need of young guests.
  • Promoting Healthy Eating: There is a rising trend of healthy eating in different types of events. People have become much more health conscious now, and they keep account of the calorie they take while eating. As a result, the caterers are looking for healthy alternatives to regular dishes. Nowadays, you can find counters for salad and increased usage of vegetables in all types of food.
  • Combinations of Ice Cream: The dessert counter is one of the most sought-after places in an event. Here, you can find ice cream, sweets, and other condiments. When it comes to ice cream, the caterers have improved their creativity. You can find different types of trendy ice cream that match the taste of different guests. You will also find the popularity of local flavours, which matches the vibes of the event.
  • Cheaper Dishes, Quality Ingredients: In an event, the organiser opts for different items on the menu. However, this increases the final cost of each plate. You can find the caterers following a clever idea to overcome this problem. They choose items that cost less but have unmatched food value and taste. This helps the event organiser to save a considerable amount on food arrangements.
  • Round Table Organisation: Gone are the days of eating at a column. Nowadays, you can find the arrangement of buffet dining. Here, the guest can choose the food items from a host of available options. There is an increased popularity of round tables to sit down and enjoy their food with others.

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