Check Out the Summer Wedding Menu That Keeps the Guests Cool


Are you planning to get married during the summer? Have you decided on the menu? If not, you have come to the right place. Weddings are considered one of the most auspicious occasions in someone’s life. It involves lots of planning, arrangement, catering and decoration. However, you must be careful about your chosen menu at a summer wedding.

According to the top caterers in Kolkata, the summer wedding menu should be light, less spicy, and messy. Health issues are unavoidable if the meal is not properly cooked and prepared. So, choosing the right dish, refreshing drinks, and less spicy starters are all you need for a summer event.

Let’s explore the different menu options if you get married in the summer.

The Perfect Menu Choices for Summer Wedding

  • Drinks

Welcome drinks are very common at weddings. It is good to incorporate Lassi in a summer wedding. It keeps the guests cool, helps with indigestion, and provides instant relief from extreme temperatures. You can add a twist by replacing the normal Lassi with mango, sweet rose, or salt. Start the menu with Lassi, and the guests will definitely feel delighted.

  • Chats

If you want to include a chat at the wedding, it is better to have Dahi Vada. It is a cooling and flavourful chat for summer. Though it is very common in South Indian weddings, it has also gained a position in Bengali weddings. It is cooked with lentils and made into dumplings. It is soaked in yoghurt sauce and mixed with tamarind and chutney to bring out the flavours.

  • Starters

Are you thinking about what to include in the starter? It’s better to go for something less spicy, like Paneer Tikka, Hariyali Kebab, Mini Fish Finger or Pepper Lamb. These are the most sought-after menus for summer weddings. Guests will certainly love them. You can add items like Posto Bora, Baby Paneer Pasinda, And Chhana Matarshutir Chop for Veg.

  • Main course

There are plenty of options for the main course. You can go for Baby Naan or garlic Naan served with Dal Makhani, followed by Nabaratna Polao, Gondhoraj Rice, or Sahi Polao instead of Biriyani. Salad and green chutney are always added to the menu. Chicken Curry is better for non-veg dishes than Chicken Chap during the summer. Chicken Bharta and Chicken Korma are also popular dishes. Try out Mutton Rogan Josh, which is less spicy than all of the above non-veg curries. For the ones who prefer vegetarian, you can go for Green Peas Kachuri, Lachha Parantha and Tandoori Butter Naan. Include Kadai Paneer and Malai Kofta with the different Parathas or Naan.

  • Desserts

A wedding menu is never complete without desserts. Gajar ka Halwa and Firni are the best for summer. You can arrange hot gulab jamun, different flavours of Ice Cream, Mocktails, and Pans.

To create a perfect menu for a summer wedding, consult with one of the top 10 caterers in Kolkata, like Sweet-N-Sour Catering. We have years of experience preparing tasty dishes for weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties. Contact us to book your date!