An Experienced Caterer vs. New Caterer- Which One You Prefer?

Bengali Catering Service

Are you planning an event like a wedding or corporate party in Kolkata? Catering and quality service are the main elements that can make or break the essence of any event.

The world of catering has evolved in the last few years, and currently, a private caterer provides the best level of customisation, taste, style, and quality that can elevate the experience of dining on any special occasion. Hence, searching for the top caterers in Kolkata becomes very important.

Which is Better- an Experienced Caterer or a New Caterer

When choosing a caterer, you always look for a reputable company that provides the best catering service within an affordable package. Choosing an experienced caterer might cost you huge, making dents in your pockets. So, it is better to opt for new caterers. But, is it a good decision to opt for a new caterer? Will you get customised services or any urgent support on the menus? Here, you will learn the difference between an experienced and a new caterer.

  • A Team Of An Experienced Chefs

Almost all experienced caterers have a team of skilled chefs and staff who have worked for them for many years. This means that they know how to prepare meals for a long list of guests and how to serve them in a professional manner. The experienced caterers have professional cooks who have been in this field for many years and are able to manage a huge number of guests at all events.

  • Provide A Customised Menu As Per Client’s Preference

Some people have different food preferences. Some may like traditional bengali dishes at a wedding, whereas others may like authentic Chinese dishes for a corporate party. An experienced caterer can customise the menu according to the customers’ choice, budget, and preferences. 

  • Quality of Cutlery

An experienced catering service provider knows the exact choice of the people. A good set of cutlery will make the guests happy and satisfied while having their food. Just by looking at the cutlery choice, guests can assume the quality of the caterer, and it can be the talk of the town.

  • Emergency Services and Budget-Friendly Package

An emergency can arise suddenly during an event. There can be a sudden surge of guests, and the desserts may fall short of the plan. The question is, can the new caterer handle such emergencies? Will they be able to foresee the issue and resolve it on time? An experienced caterer has gone through such emergency situations and knows how to handle them efficiently. They are also able to provide a customised menu and quality services within an affordable budget. So, you can save more when booking an experienced caterer. 

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