Everything You Must Know About A Traditional Bengali Wedding Menu


Indian culture is the most diverse and a fusion of many cultures. Every state in India has its specifications. There isn’t just a difference with respect to language, religious beliefs and dressing manners, but eating and food habits as well. When we talk about the menu of a Bengali wedding, it’s poles apart from the food served at other Indian weddings. The best caterer in Central Kolkata will offer you a wide range of varieties in different packages to make your special day memorable.

Traditional Food Menu of a Bengali Wedding

  • Fish Fingers: The chef in Sweet-N-Sour curates excellent recipes to ensure everyone is satisfied with the food. Our lip-smacking fish fingers will win your heart. It is prepared with a white fish cut into small bite-sized pieces and marinated in special spice. These are then deep-fried until crispy from the outside while maintaining their juiciness from the inside.
  • Prawn Pakora: West Bengal is famous for its seafood options. Prawn pakora is made using fresh prawns mixed into a special spice mix and later deep fried. It is accompanied by green chutney.
  • Chingri Macher Malai Curry: It is an incredible combination of curry spices with prawn and coconut milk. This dish is a must-have at every Bengali wedding.
  • Mangshor Jhol: This is an authentic Bengali mutton curry and is the favorite of every Bengali. In this dish, large mutton pieces are cooked with potatoes in a flavorful spicy curry. It tastes best with steamed basmati rice.
  • Luchi with Bengali Alur Dom: This simple dish has the heart of all Bengalese and even the non-Bengalese as well. It is a white flatbread made using refined flour and deep-fried in oil. It is best served with the Bengali version of Kashmiri Dum Aloo. This dish will burst flavors in your mouth and leave you licking your fingers.
  • Misti Doi: We can call this pride of Bengal. It adds magic to any wedding menu. It is not only delicious but also very healthy. It helps in digestion and neutralizes the spicy effect in the gut. It is a perfect dessert.
  • Gurer Rosogulla: Can any Bengali wedding menu be complete without Rosogullas? Absolutely No! Now there are varieties of Rosogulla available, but the most common ones are Plain white Rosogulla and the other is Gurer, typically consumed during winter.
  • Rasmalai: We can call it an upgraded version of Rosogulla. Infused in milk which is flavored with saffron, pistachio and almonds. It will blow away your mind with its amazing flavors.
  • Sandesh: It is another local delicacy loved by all the people throughout the world. This simple dish is made using milk and sugar but is still an art which makes Bengal special.

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