Four Lip-Smacking Items to Include in Summer Wedding Menus

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Summers and weddings have a special connection. Amidst the scorching heat to make the wedding menu delicious and mouth-watering, you can easily add a few deserts, refreshing drinks and lightly spiced items. Besides the bride and the groom, food is the main attraction at any Indian wedding. If you approach the best caterer in Kolkata, they will certainly come up with a scrumptious yet refreshing Bengali wedding menu for the summer.

Best catering in Kolkata customises the wedding menus depending on the seasons. For instance, you can expect peas kachori during summer, while including refreshing juices instead of coffee is a must for summer weddings.

What are the Major Attractions of a Summer Wedding Menu?

  • Refreshing Welcome Drinks

A wedding is a time when you are heavily dressed. Hence even if the air conditioner is switched on, you might still feel suffocated. How would you feel if you’re greeted with a glass of pineapple delight? Adding refreshing juices, mocktails, and cocktails is the major attraction of a summer wedding. Add seasonal fruits like watermelon, kiwi, pomegranate, mango and grapes to your mocktails. It is definitely a great start to the wedding menu.

  • Unending Number of Deserts

A summer wedding is complete with ice cream and sweets. Unlike the winters, during summers, wedding guests generally like to indulge in more than a single scoop of ice cream. To make things better, you can add a live ice cream counter. You can also add an ensemble of dessert options, which is a lip-smacking option.

  • Street Food and Salad Corner

Adding a separate street food corner with fuckas and papdi chats is a definite plus point for the wedding guests. Different types of fruit, chicken, vegetable, and egg salads are generally popular and in demand during summer weddings.

  • Less Spicy Main Course

Wedding guests refrain from eating fried or highly spicy food at summer weddings. So instead of adding them, you can easily add items like bhapa betki, betki in cheese and sauce, mutton rezala, peas rice, dal makhani and many chutney variants.

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