Throwing A Birthday Party or Any Event? Tips To Make It Successful!


Are you stressing about throwing a birthday party for your kid? Planning the food menu comes into one’s mind as soon as one plans to throw a party, particularly when you are hosting a large crowd. Choosing the best caterer in Kolkata can help you to decide on a perfect menu keeping your budget in mind. Catering plays a vital role in making it memorable, irrespective of whether you are hosting a small gathering or a large one. 

Tips for Deciding Menu for your Events

  1. Know Your Guests: Keeping your guests in mind is extremely important for a party menu. Not everyone has the same taste. You can’t let any of your guests return home without having anything because of the selection of a bad menu. You can let your caterer know about the type of crowd you are having over. 
  2. Set Up a Budget: Consider your budget before deciding on the menu. This largely depends on the variety you want to keep and the number of guests you are inviting. You must set a budget for catering services and inform your caterer also about your budget. They will suggest your menu accordingly. Hire a caterer who can offer a comprehensive service within a budget.
  3. Consider the Theme: You can think of a general theme in mind. Many people have the perception that the theme is only meant for kids’ birthday parties, but it is not so. Even if it’s an adult birthday party, you can think of a colour palette, music type, or other elements. You can choose any theme appropriate according to your guests’ age. 
  4. Select the Food and Drink: Choose the menu items that go best with your theme. Whether you want to have a full course menu or just keep starters with the main course and some drinks, it’s completely your option. You can even ask the caterer for customization of the food menu. You can also ask them for drinks or cocktails against additional charges or as a part of your package.

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