Factors to Consider when Hiring a Catering Service in Kolkata

Catering services

The social event that you are planning will require you to hire the services of a reliable catering service. You need to consider some factors when deciding on a caterer.

  • Accessibility and Availability
    The first thing to check is if your preferred catering service is available to work on the day of your event. Catering companies are often booked months in advance, especially during the wedding season. So it’s important to plan well ahead and reserve your dates to make certain that the caterer of your choice is hired well in advance.
  • Method of Service
    The number of guests you’re expecting and your approach to the event you’re hosting go a long way to determine the manner of catering support that you are going to require. Are you planning a plated dinner service at a formal wedding, or a casual house party, or a corporate lunch event? A full-service catering business can provide from an array of menu options, in addition to offering professional advice on the type of service that’ll work, based on the venue and the size and timing of your event.
  • Type of Venue
    There are many logistical variables at work when you’re planning a catered event, which is why it’s a good idea to discuss the specific details related to your event with your caterer as early as possible. A detailed description of your venue is among the first things you should convey to your caterer. Constrictions related to the size, setting and ease of access to your venue would determine the kind of food items and service that would be possible to provide. If, for instance, you hire a venue with a functional full-service kitchen, then it would allow your catering company to work out of that kitchen, and meals would be prepared onsite. If, however, the location of your venue is somewhere outdoors, you would need an off site caterer with the wherewithal to transport and serve food outdoors.
  • The Menu
    Deciding on the menu for your event should be a collaborative process that you and your caterer go over meticulously. Since you’ve enlisted hospitality professionals, it is advisable to be open to their suggestions with regard to the menu and kind of service that would be suitable at your event. Further, you need to have a clear idea of the kind of options your chosen catering company would provide to guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Finally, in case you are serving drinks and beverages, it would help to discuss with your caterer as to how they envision providing this service.
  • The Budget
    The pricing is an integral part of hiring any vendor, and is something you should broach early on in your discussion with your caterer. This would help to make sure that your expectations with regard to your event are commensurate with your budget. Costs can escalate quickly when you’re hosting an event the size of a large-scale wedding. That is why it is important to have a catering budget to make sure that your catering expenses are kept under control.
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