Tips for Perfect Wedding Menu with Best Catering Services in Kolkata


A wedding is the most cherishable event in your life. So you would want to make it memorable with all the necessary arrangements. Ensure to give as much importance to your caterers as the decorators.

Wedding Menu is Vital:

Setting up a wedding menu is not an easy task. You have to research different dishes that would match the taste of your guests. You should communicate with your booked Wedding Caterers in Kolkata to get an expert’s assistance.

Tips for Preparing Menu with Wedding Caterers in Kolkata:

This blog will give you some useful tips for setting up a perfect menu for your wedding.

  • Finalise a Menu Theme: In modern wedding food planning, you cannot ignore the importance of a theme. A thematic menu always strikes the right chord with the invitees. You can choose a traditional or a modern theme; whatever goes well with your requirement. Ensure that your menu has a unique touch to the food items, from starters to desserts.
  • Choose a Season-Specific Menu: A seasonal menu is proof of an innovative selection of foods. Try to incorporate food items that are special for the season. When planning a destination wedding, you can also try some local dishes. Ensure that there is no shortage of fresh seasonal vegetables. You can serve them as salads or tell your caterers to prepare any cooked items.
  • Set up a Specific Budget: This is the most important task for planning a menu for your wedding treats. Ensure you have enough money to arrange all the courses on the menu. Try devising separate budgets for entrées, finger foods and salads. These are minor food options that are more likely to get overlooked.
  • Trust Your Caterer: A mutual bond between the caterer and its customers is an important requirement. This will foster clear communication, and the chef will know about the requirements of their clients. An expert catering business can assist you in selecting the foods and creating the menus. They will likely come up with solutions to any food arrangement problems.

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