How to Arrange a Notable Event in Kolkata within Budget and Best Catering Services


The famous quote says- “Good Food Is the Foundation of Genuine Happiness”- Auguste Escoffier.

Yes, everything starts with food, and if you are not providing good, delicious food to your guests at an event, they will not be happy, and your celebration will be unsuccessful. Hence, no matter what event you are arranging, arranging the best catering service within your budget is necessary.

You need to plan the event so that you will not only fulfil the taste buds of your guests but also save money. Before you talk and meet with the top 10 caterers for your event in Kolkata, start to make a budget-friendly plan for catering.

Today, you will know about the budget-friendly ideas on catering to save more on your next event.

Budget-Friendly Catering Ideas for the Next Event

  • Setting up a Self-service Buffet Area

Seated arrangements are always expensive as they come with fancy meal choices and servers. The seating catering plan is very formal, and it is only sometimes the creative one.

Suppose you arrange a casual event where the guests will come, talk and mingle freely. Avoid the sit-down meal arrangement and opt for buffet counters and snack counters. They will freely move and have their favourite food on their own.

  • Be Creative with Food Items

Staying on a budget does not mean providing dull and boring food to the guests. If you plan earlier, you can also arrange great food items within your budget. Just install a popcorn bar or a chocolate fountain in the middle of the hall.

It will be fun and enjoyable for all. You can go right with these ideas if you arrange a casual event. If you have such ideas, discuss them with your caterer.

  • Choose Smaller plates

Arranging small plates in catering is one of the simplest forms to save money. As you know, the concept of portion control is that the guests will take less food on the plates. For larger plates, the guests can overfill them, which can further lead to wastage. Small plates always imply fewer leftovers.

  • Talk with A Budget-Friendly Yet Good Caterer

Suppose you have already planned the menu options, the location and the arrangement. In that case, it is time to discuss all your requirements with a popular caterer who offers the best catering services. Many are on this list; hence, read the reviews before choosing.

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