Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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A wedding caterer has a great deal of responsibility for not only handling your wedding menu but also paying attention to all the cuisine-related details. So, even if you choose from the top 10 caterers in Kolkata, don’t hesitate to verify a few things from them. This blog is here to give you comprehensive guidance on what questions to ask your wedding caterer. 

The Questionnaire for your Wedding Caterer

So, get that notepad and pen handy. Write down the following questions in the go. 

  • Do you Hold a License?

This is a must. Your wedding caterer should have a valid license authorized by the health department and its standards. Moreover, if they are supposed to serve drinks, ensure they have a separate liquor license as well. 

  • Ask them What Types of Meal Services they Specialize on

The run-of-the-mill caterer tends to meet any requirement. However, if you have an extra special night in mind, you might want customized cuisine. In that case, double-check if your caterer specializes in that specific style.

  • Is your Caterer Flexible?

This question is to determine if your caterer is equipped to take on special requests, surprise dishes and all the like. If they can accommodate flexibility, you will be better prepared for your big night. 

  • Have you Catered to an Event Similar to Mine?

You don’t want your special dish to be spoiled by an amateur chef. So, probe into their experience. Ask them whether they have previously served at similar events to your background. Indian cuisines vary widely depending on the cultural and geographical contexts. Therefore, the menu must support the eating habits and palettes of your guests. This is why you must make sure they have the cultural savvy to tackle your wedding feast. 

  • Could you also Provide me with Glassware, Flatware, and Dinnerware?

Your wedding caterer must be equipped to provide trendy glassware, flatware and dinnerware. You should ensure that you don’t run into any shortage when the meals roll around. 

  • How Trained is Your Staff?

Last but not least, their staff must be competent, courteous and swift. All the staff members should collectively pave the way for a sumptuous wedding experience. Hence comes the necessity of this question. 

Well, these are the key questions that will give you a clear insight into your wedding caterers. So, before you get on board with a wedding caterer, don’t shy away from asking these questions. As one of the top 10 caterers in Kolkata, Sweet-n-Sour Catering Services is ready to answer all your queries.